Below you can find more information about the different products we offer and services that CANAM provides.

Odour control

We provide effective odour control systems with ultraviolet germicidal bulbs that neutralize unwanted garbage smells that can travel up the chute.

Containers & Compactors

Combining technology with solid steel construction. CANAM is a premier manufacturer of multi-family garbage compactors. All CANAM compactors meet and exceed municipally specified compaction ratios, ensuring maximum savings. From dual front-end loading units, to 3 yard containers, we have everything you would need.

TriSorter System

An innovative building system that utilizes the single, or existing chute (for retrofits) that separates garbage, recyclables, and organic materials, to improve efficiency, resident convenience and waste diversion.

Chute Doors

CANAM has the most extensive expertise in Canada, from single floor properties to multi-story building projects We offer linen intake doors, recycling intake doors, and garbage intake doors.

Bin Buddy

Making the task of moving large bins easier and safer. Designed for use on all floor types. See our fact sheet for even more benefits.

Bin Wizard

Add the pellets to your garbage room dumpster bin and the fast acting ingredients dissolve and form a deodorizing grit that minimizes foul odours.

Chute Wizard

Odour neutralizer concentrate that mixes with your building wash down system to break up heavy soils, grease and leachate on your garbage or linen chute walls.


  • Compactor repairs & replacement
  • Container repairs, welding and replacement
  • Casters and wheel replacement
  • Garbage chute repairs and replacement
  • Rubber impact liners
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • TriSorter retrofits and new construction
  • BiSorter retrofits and new construction
  • Garbage odor control system with advanced HEPA protection
  • “CanAm Chute Wizard” compactor and container odour management
  • “CanAm Chute Wash” garbage chute wash down solution

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